Welcome to an AstroGrid Registry. These are the direct access pages for Registering your resource with the IVO, and/or investigating what resources are available.

This Registry main authorityid vamdc
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This is a new Registry and is in a transition state to 1.0 type Resources. By default this registry is set to 1.0 Resource (and Contract). But can handle multiple versions including the older 0.10 Resources. Before 1.0 there was a 0.10 version of the Resource schema but the query&harvest interface specification was much further behind and its version was 0.1 a.k.a 0.1 contract version. As noted this registry can handle both (0.10 and 1.0 Resource versions) hence (0.1 and 1.0 contract versions). Quite simply 0.1,0.10 go together and 1.0,1.0 go together. There are a few new features to this registry and its jsp pages to help you manage the registry. Note the 'Current Contracts' in the menu this will allow you to switch between different Resource versions in case you need to query, update or manage the other version of Resources. By default this is only set for the session of your browser. So be sure you are on the correct version.